Adam Mangrich PE, CCP

Principal Commissioning Authority

Adam is head of our commissioning department. He has over 10 years of experience in the design and commissioning of building mechanical and plumbing systems. While at Systems West, he has amassed significant knowledge of building systems, ensuring that he is a valuable addition to any project team.

Early in his career, Adam developed the ever popular SWECx – Systems West’s online commissioning system. SWECx revolutionized the way a commissioning team interacts on a construction project.

Adam is an avid commuting cyclist and frequently rides to work regardless of inclement weather. In addition to cycling, he enjoys fly fishing, home brewing, camping, and wrestling with his two boys, Elias and Soren. He is committed to sustainability, specifically alternative transportation, urban agriculture, and local food production. He and his wife Maren enjoy organic gardening and food preservation.