Damon Rutherford

Commissioning Project Administrator

Damon Rutherford graduated from the Lane Community College Energy Management program in 2011. While completing his degree, Damon interned for and was later hired by the Systems West Engineers commissioning team, where he discovered a passion for the commissioning process and the way it benefits all manner of projects and the natural environment. Damon has since pursued all opportunities to enhance his skills and better his capabilities, working on projects ranging from small school district remodels, to the modernization of a 500,000-square-foot federal office building. He has also served on the Building Commissioning Association’s (BCxA) Board of Directors and professional development committee. We are pleased to have Damon return to the area.

Damon greatly enjoys the outdoors, volunteering, and the feeling of freedom afforded by traveling with a backpack and no plans. He also loves spending time with his family on their Oregon coast property, where he helps with the annual cranberry harvest, upkeep on the u-pick blueberry rows, and just generally enjoying being around the ocean, which provides a friendly reminder of his time growing up in Carmel, CA.