Dennis Stahl

CAD Operator

Dennis Stahl is a welcomed addition to Systems West Engineers and comes to the team as CAD Technician. With a diverse background ranging from piloting helicopters in the military to being a local home builder, Dennis brings experience in management, real estate, home design, and construction along with a level-headed approach, even temperament, and a large respect for the team’s success. Dennis has set his mind to providing Systems West Engineers with CAD resources that will continue our firm’s high document presentation standards.

Dennis hails from California, but as a 22-year veteran of Oregon life, he and his wife Sue are entrenched in Lane County culture and feel an obligation towards community success. His home life is ruled by his animals and a home improvement project that has spanned 20 years. When not taking care of horses and dogs or swinging a hammer, you will find Dennis hiking a trail, swinging a club on the golf course, or enjoying a dance.