Patti Kaufman LEED AP

Mechanical Designer

Patricia, who usually goes by “Patti,” has over 30 years of HVAC design experience. Patti has specialized in the design of higher education research and healthcare facilities all around the country. She received her LEED certification in 2011 and has worked on several LEED certified Silver, Gold, and Platinum buildings.

Patti joins Systems West as part of our Bend office, having recently moved to Oregon with her husband and her son. Her favorite activities occur in the outdoors. She enjoys hiking with her dog along the Deschutes River. Cycling has been her passion for a very long time, and cannot get over the unbelievable mountain bike trails Bend has to offer. In the future, Patti hopes to spend time volunteering for the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League which empowers the lives Oregon’s youth through the sport of mountain biking. Her other passion is beekeeping and someday she will have her own hive.