Samuel Grogan

Commissioning Technician

Sam is a graduate of Oregon State University-Cascades with a B.S. in Energy Systems Engineering. He spent his senior year designing a net-zero energy home for Kor Community Land Trust, a nonprofit that seeks to make attainable homeownership for all of Bend’s hardworking citizens. Before pursuing his engineering education, he worked for Blattner Energy Construction assembling wind turbines. Sam is eager to blend his education and interests with his well-developed hands-on skills as a part of our commissioning team.

Sam grew up in a small town and was always drawn to activities with an adrenaline rush. Sky diving, bungee jumping, and assembling wind turbines from 300+ feet in the air are just a few activities he enjoys. You can also find Sam hiking, playing basketball, hitting up the local CrossFit gym, and managing his Fantasy Football team.