Steven Savich CPD, LEED AP

Associate Principal | Plumbing Project Manager

Steven is an Associate Principal at Systems West and takes the lead on the design of plumbing systems. With a B.A. in Theater Arts, Steven found his way to us in a roundabout way after completing the Lane Community College Energy Management Program. Around the office, he is something of a “jack-of-all-trades,” participating in a wide range of feasibility studies, HVAC and plumbing designs, and construction administration projects.

He has a special interest in sustainability and the application of energy-efficient technologies. Of particular note, Steven is proficient in the use of eQuest software and understands the fine points of the LEED and SEED programs. His expertise allows us to meet the modeling requirements of both programs in-house.

When not in the office, Steven is probably out somewhere on his bicycle. A serious racer, Steven generally leaves the rest of us in the dust on our annual race up nearby Skinners Butte. When not on a bicycle, he can be found reading or playing soccer with his two sons.