since 23

Kory Bowlin LEED GA

Energy Analyst

Home Office: Springfield

With a background in facilities and project management, Kory has now channeled her passion into the field of energy management, where she has found her true calling as an energy analyst. Leveraging her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oregon and a technical degree in energy management from Lane Community College, Kory creates comprehensive reports – analyzing and communicating complex data. Her ability to synthesize information ensures clarity in conveying vital information.

Motivated by a genuine thirst for knowledge and personal growth, she eagerly embraces opportunities to learn and grow under the guidance of SWE’s accomplished engineers and designers. Working alongside a talented team fuels her enthusiasm and drives her forward as she contributes to the organization’s success.

Kory finds solace in the great outdoors, often exploring trails with her agile and speedy companion, Rocket. From trail running and hiking with Rocket to exploring the local farmer’s market and the awesome Eugene food scene, Kory enjoys all the pacific northwest has to offer.