since 09

Mark Willett EIT

Mechanical Designer

Home Office: Springfield

A graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Mark is a highly versatile team member, with the ability to support design, commissioning, and energy projects. His considerable depth of technical knowledge most commonly stands out on projects with the most difficult analysis requirements. He once provided calculations to establish the expected performance of the U of O cogeneration plant using a computer model custom-made for the project. We’re talking about a 7.5 MW combustion gas turbine generator, heat recovery steam generator, steam turbine generator, and two steam boilers—part of a $100 million upgrade to the campus central plant.

To add to his impressive skillset, Mark is also a professional-level photographer outside of work. On top of that, he still makes time to run for fitness, which he views as a prerequisite to keeping up with his four children, several of whom compete in gymnastics throughout the state.

Selected Projects